Comed Lisocur + 250ml

Comed Lisocur + 250ml

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Lisocur+ Pigeon

Open respiratory tract - Clean heads - Intestine - Disease defence

Fast-acting, water-soluble, total product, which plays an important role in the defence of illnesses.

Health cure that contains in addition to plant extracts and essential oils, all vital supplements to keep the immune system in balance.

Provides clean heads, keeps the airways free, stimulates intestinal activity, strengthens and increases intestinal flora and brings pigeons in good condition at the start of the new racing season.

15 ml in 2 l of drinking water (stir well to dissolve) or 1 kg of feed during the breeding and the racing season (young pigeons).

In case of problems with young pigeons, administer 5 days together with Roni.

Recommended simultaneous use: Lisocur Eye Drops and Lisocur Loftspray.

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