High quality pigeon food manufactured in the UK

At S.S. Seed Co., we take pride in being a family-run company dedicated to crafting over 50 premium pigeon food mixtures using only the finest corn. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every batch we produce. Explore our extensive range of high-quality pigeon feeds and products, meticulously designed to provide your pigeons with the optimal nutrition they deserve. From specially formulated blends to wholesome treats, our offerings are crafted with care to ensure the well-being and vitality of your feathered companions. Choose S.S. Seed Co. for the best feeds and products, as we continue to uphold a tradition of quality that your pigeons can rely on.

A unique range of specifically mixed pigeon feeds

Welcome to S.S. Seed Co., where tradition meets innovation. As a family-run company, we take pride in producing over 50 top-quality pigeon food mixtures, all crafted with the finest corn. Our operations are based in a purpose-built grain handling plant located in County Durham, exemplifying our commitment to precision and excellence. Breaking new ground, we are the pioneers in the UK, offering our products directly to customers without intermediaries. Now, you can conveniently order directly from the mill and have our premium pigeon feeds delivered to your door anywhere in the mainland UK. Experience the difference with S.S. Seed Co. as we redefine accessibility and quality in the world of pigeon nutrition.

Huge Pallet Storage Facility.

Welcome to our extensive warehouse facility where we take pride in offering a vast selection of high-quality pigeon food. With over 500 metric tonnes in stock, our shelves are laden with premium nutrition to cater to the diverse needs of your feathered friends. Whether you are a seasoned pigeon enthusiast or a novice caretaker, our ready-to-sell inventory ensures that you'll find the perfect nourishment for your pigeons. Explore our warehouse, where abundance meets excellence, and provide your pigeons with the finest sustenance they deserve.

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