Belgian Winners Entero Plus  1 Litre

Belgian Winners Entero Plus 1 Litre

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Winners Entero Plus is composed with natural organic acids and trace elements (copper and zinc). It is an acidifier for the drinking water to improve the digestion of pigeons. 
By using Winners Entero Plus one ensures that the degree of acidity in the crop, stomach and intestinal system restores or remains stable. The use of Entero Plus creates an environment in the crop as well as in the intestinal system in which harmful bacteria and viruses can thrive badly.
Winners Entero Plus in the water in combination with Winners Probacto on the food ensures the maximum production and support of “good bacteria” in the digestive system. Probacto contains lactic and butyric acid bacteria. 



5-10 ml per liter of water. Throughout the year by acidifying the drinking water 2 to 3 times a week with Winners Entero Plus. With liquid droppings: 10 ml per liter of water.


Store in a dry and cool place.


Acetic acid, na-acetate, formic acid, na-formiate, propion acid, na-propionate, ascorbic acid, na-sorbate, copper and zinc.

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